Tips For Players Who Are Getting Stuck In Clash Royale

Tips For Players Who Are Getting Stuck In Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the most famous games on Google Play store and it is one of its kind. However, many players get stuck in one arena and they eventually leave the game instead of trying. In this guide, I will share some tips for players who are getting stuck in clash Royale.

1) The first and foremost tip is to stay motivated, you can’t achieve anything without your motivation. So stay motivated and follow the tips which I will mention in the next few lines.


2) Always upgrade your cards, there is two way to do that, first is to open the chests and get your cards and the 2nd way is to ask your clan mates which I think is a very good way to get your desired cards.

Normally, the majority of the players who stuck at one arena are those who go for rare or epic cards. As these cards are difficult to get and you may have to wait for months to upgrade your cards to next level, so always use the common cards, it is okay to have some couple of epic or rare cards but other cards should be common.

Another tip I would give you to always use the cards which are not very popular for example Zap spell, it is a common card and your clan mates will easily donate it to you.

Zap get the real power when you upgrade it to level 10 and it can easily counter any spawn attacks.Similarly, you can use other common or unpopular cards in your decks which are easy to get. If you have legendary card use them as they are a powerful event at level 1.

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3) Always have the strong deck and when I say strong deck it means it should have the leveled cards and low elixir average cost. We have shared many powerful decks on our website which have the average elixir cost of fewer than 3.5 elixirs.

Your deck should also have the cards like buildings, spells and at least one tank to get the success.


4) Learned he tactics, clash royale is an amazing game and the best thing about it is its strategy, you can execute one thing in multiple ways, So learn the abilities of your troops.

For example, zap spell is very effective against the spawn troops, if your opponent uses the goblin barrel, you can use spell to counter it similarly you can use Zap to reset the “dash charge” of Prince, battle ram or bandit and you can also use it to reset the inferno tower or inferno dragon. Similarly, you can use the troops like ice golem to divert the direction of Tanks.


5) The final tip is to stay calm, you can’t win the battles with the hot head you should use your strategy to win the battles, and we have shared multiple strategies guide on the website which will tell you how to effectively place your troops and when to use your troops.



We hope that you will find the above-mentioned tips useful and if you find them useful, share it with your clan mates. Also if you want to learn more about how to make your strategies do visit our website where we shared the finest battle strategies with details, we assure you that you will love them.


I love to share clash of clans and clash royale guides,strategy and other tips and tricks that can help you progress further into the game.

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