Win Versus Battle Builder Hall Attacking Strategy – PEKKA

Win Versus Battle Builder Hall Attacking Strategy – PEKKA

Pekka is the now in the Builder Base as “Super Pekka” and she is as powerful as she is in Townhall but with some additional Perks. In this guide, we will tell you how to win Versus Battles in Builder hall with Pekkas.

Super Pekka also comes with a Special ability and she got the “Overcharge” ability which is just like the Giant Skeleton which deals area damage when Super Pekka Dies.

Overcharge ability unlocks at Level 2 but it gets the real charm after reaching Level 16, it causes 1200 area damage and can destroy many buildings. However, DPS of Level 1 Super Pekka is 305 which is pretty awesome. I will share two strategies which can help you win the Versus Battles in Builder hall.

Super Pekka Machine Carts (SPMC) Attack

Super Pekka is a powerful troop however she is not very effective unless you have the level 12+ level so I decided to choose the strategy for mid-level players and this strategy is very effective and you get guaranteed 2 stars with strategy.

In this strategy, we are using cannon carts which is a very powerful unit but it is vulnerable so we have the super Pekkas in front covering the carts. We also have Battle Machine which can be used at the start of the attack or you can keep it for the end, it’s up to you.

You will start the attack by placing the two Pekkas at few tiles distance in order to give the protection to Carts. In my Attack, I used 4 camps of Pekkas and 2 camps of Cannon Carts.

Once your Pekkas are in the base, place the rest of the Pekkas and continue your attack. However, make sure to use Pekkas from the side where you can deal the maximum damage coz versus battles are about the percentage of damage you do to an opponent.

When Pekkas get into the core of the base, it is evident that they will die so make sure to place the Battle Machine to cover your Cannon carts. Also keep in mind that if your Pekkas level is not 12+, then target the Townhall because it will be difficult to get the 3 stars from a BH8 base.

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I had level 16 Pekkas and Carts that’s why I was able to get the 3 stars from this base. Also, focus on your units’ placement because if you choose the wrong side there are chances that your troops may die before achieving the targets.



Mass-Super Pekka Attacks

Mass Attacks are not very popular but there is an exception for Super Pekkas. Super Pekkas are powerful and they can destroy any building with few hits so Mass super Pekkas attacks are good.

This strategy is for players with max Pekkas because low-level Pekkas can’t fully pull this job. I started my attack by placing the Two Pekkas when they will get into the base, I put the rest of the Pekkas into the base.


Tip: Spring traps can’t hurt Pekkas but push traps can push the Pekkas so place the one Pekka to clear the way for the rest of the Pekkas.


Max Super Pekkas are very powerful and they can easily get you 3 stars from any base however for 3 stars you will need to go the extra mile and perfectly plan your attack.

I placed the Battle Machine in the end however my timing was not perfect so when you will use this strategy, make sure to keep the time in mind. I was able to get the 2 stars from this attack.


There are many other strategies which you can use with Super Pekka but in my opinion, these 2 strategies are the best when it comes to overall damage and stars. Please do let us know what you think about these strategies in the comment section below, also share your strategies. Also, visit our website for more attacking strategies.


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