Mythical Cell Clash Of Clans Private Server Townhall 12

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Mythical Cell Clash Of Clans Private Server Townhall 12

Mythical Cell have released their Clash of Clans private server with the latest Townhall 12 update, the Townhall 12 update was a concept by Vov Vovson, it’s good to see that Mythical Cell implement the concept on their server for us to try it out. Thanks to mythical cell and do check out their YT Channel – @MythicalCell



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About Mythical Cell v6 COC Private Server

The server is powered with unlimited resources that means you can upgrade your buildings and troops to the max easily.

The townhall 11 is actually the townhall 12 concept by Vov Vovson, the private server does not ACTUALLY have a townhall 12 because that is not possible until the official update is out.

There are more than 15 custom modded buildings on this private server and more than 15 custom made heroes on this private server by MythicalCell.

All the buildings and troops on this private server are unlimited. You can join or create clans on this server as well have friendly battles with your fellow clan mates.

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Also battles are against real players. Builder base is available however you cannot do any battles in builder hall.


These servers are out with the latest townhall 12, electro dragon update.

Clash Of Clans Private Server 10.322.8 With Townhall 12 – Electro Dragon – Siege Machine ETC (MIRO)

Download Clash Of Clans Private Server 10.322.10 – Townhall 12 – Electro Dragon – Siege Machine (DARKSOULS)



1)  Download the APK from the link below

2) Install and Enjoy

A Private server with official townhall 12 is not yet out. If there is a server with townhall 12, siege machine, electro dragon then you will get first on our site. In the meantime, you can download the private server that will have the official Townhall 12 update soon from the link below.

Null’s Clash Of Clans Private Server 10.134.11




A private server is hosted on a virtual dedicated server and has dedicated server web hosting to be able to maintain the stability and load of players.
Long gone are the days when these games were hosted a cheap web hosting plans that could not handle more than 300 players at a time.

These managed dedicated servers are really powerful avoiding any lags or connection issues even when too many players are playing on it. Also many of the enthusiast either create their own VPS or buy a virtual private network from an internet hosting service so that they could run their own operating system on it and host the game.

The only time the server can go down is when there are some major issues with the hosting or the server/game is taken offline for maintenance purposes. Managing your own dedicated server can be difficult at times so there will be problems.
That is why you will receive connection errors. If that happens all you have to do is simply close the app and try again later. It should work!

If you receive an error upon installation saying “App not Installed” then the issue is with your operating system, try to install a custom rom or downgrade your firmware.
The other option is to install the game on bluestacks on your PC or Mac.

It’s good to see that now they are hosting their game on a dedicated server giving us a good user experience while playing. Keep in mind that these are private servers and they are hosted on either the virtual private server or a dedicated server and are NOWAY related to Supercell servers and Supercell are not responsible for it.

If you have any other questions please feel free to comment down below.


I was a bit late posting this server on my blog but I was super excited about it when I saw they had released their clash of clans private server. Let me know in the comments below what you think about the townhall 12 on this private server.

There are many more servers that are yet to come and that will be updated so make sure you have followed me on twitter @tomzpot so you don’t miss any of the updates.


I love to share clash of clans and clash royale guides,strategy and other tips and tricks that can help you progress further into the game.

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