Looking for a game that rivals some titles on the consoles? Then Frontline Commando: D-Day MOD APK is what you are looking for. The game belongs to the Action genre on the Play store but uses the FPS (First Person Shooter) mechanic, which is rare in a mobile game.

It has over ten million downloads with a rating of 4.5 out of 5. The Frontline Commando D-Day APK MOD is a series developed by Glu and is available as a free to play title.

Impressive Immersion

D-Day makes use of a high-quality graphics engine that allow for many variations of the environment. The first person aspect of the game really adds a higher level of interaction of the player and brings him closer to this simulated atmosphere of war.

There are a lot of mechanics other than the usual aiming down sights and gunning people. D-Day has destructible terrain; fast-paced decision making moves like dodging mines or stray fire and cover mechanics so that you can stay in safety while slowly breaching the enemy forces head-on.

Variety of Elements

The game also does not hold back on the detailing, it always has something for the player to fight for, gain and relish. The first is the 5 separate campaigns with 145 missions based on actual landings and locations during World War II; the locations being Juno, Sword, Utah, Gold, and Omaha.

There are also a variety of weapons available in the player’s arsenal.  The initial stages will have him making use of basic historic rifles but over time he can get more advanced weapons such as a machine gun or a bazooka and go with even further progress, specials like a tesla gun or the ability to call in an artillery strike.

Mod Includes: Free Shopping From The Store

Game Version: 3.0.4

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Download APK


Credits: NA

Installs: 10,000,000+

Required Version – 2.1+

How To Install: Download the apk, install it and play

Download the ZIP file and extract it now Place the OBB folder inside the Android/Obb folder on your Android device then install the APK and play.

I am not sure if this will work on newer version like 7.0 and above. GLU games work well on older devices.





– Frontline commando does a tremendous job in making you feel like you are in World War II. The game is also somewhat historically accurate as it depicts what the Allied forces had to go through during that fateful day.

It is by no means similar to the actual thing but the campaign really draws your attention and makes you feel for the people who had to fight.

– Second of all, the graphics engine of this game is really powerful, almost on par with some PlayStation and Xbox games. You can see this power being orchestrated in the detailed weapon designs, decals, models and the debris physics.

The lighting and effects highlight D-Day’s destructive and dangerous environment to the player.

– The many fast-paced mechanics of this game makes it one of the best FPS available on portable devices. The quick decision making and reflexes required in this title makes it a fun and engaging experience.


– However, there are some issues with the mechanics of the game, one of them being the poor optimization of weapons. Meaning they are really inaccurate, you sometimes have to shoot a soldier ten times for him to take the damage of a single shot despite having your crosshairs on him.

– The process to unlock new weapons in Frontline Commando is very long and repetitive. The worst part is that you need to unlock those weapons to make progress in the game, such as the anti-tank Bazooka. The only way to get these weapons fast is to purchase them via real money, there is no alternative.

-The biggest issue that the developers have to resolve is the constant crashing, resetting, and corruption of the game files on various devices. Many users have complained of their progress being reset all of a sudden or the simply not launching on their mobile devices. Frontline Commando needs to have better software optimization to resolve this issue.


Providing you have a powerful enough device and are lucky that it can run the game, you are in a good spot. The game does need to be ‘babysit’ a lot to be played smoothly but the gameplay experience is absolutely worth the trouble.

The captivating mechanics and the dynamic environment in Frontline Commando: D-Day MOD APK already makes it one of the best action games available on the Android market.


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