Download Space Marshals MOD APK 1.2.7

Download Space Marshals MOD APK 1.2.7


Space Marshals MOD APK is a science fiction, top-down, third-person shooter video game developed & published by PixelBite. It is available on both Android and IOS. Space Marshals is set in the Wild West where you will be taking the role of “Burt” who is a formal space marshal who was locked for inappropriate use of firearms.

Burt and two other release themselves during the prison breakout and then they team up to hunt down the fugitives with the help of AI assistance T.A.M.I.

The graphics of Space Marshals MOD APK are top notch, as the game has a top-down view you have the complete view of the surroundings, the environment looks great.

The controls of the game is also very minimalistic, we have pair of two joysticks on both sides of the screen, where left joystick help in movement and right joystick is for the pointing out the gun, you also have the 4 buttons on the screen where you can choose between rifle, gun, grenades and melee attack weapons.

The gameplay of Space Marshals Modded Apk is also very solid, the gameplay is divided into 3 chapters and each chapter have its own missions, a total of 28 missions. At the end of each mission, you will get the stars out of 5 stars depending on how well you perform in the mission.

The number of stars will determine the rewards you get. The rewards include the weapons, bombs, armor and other distraction devices. Space Marshals’ gameplay also has two different modes: Offensive and stealth mode.

In offensive mode, you will be able to move faster wherein stealth mode your speed will reduce but you can’t be shot behind the objects like a fence, bush, and oil can etc. Overall, Space Marshalls MOD APK UNLIMITED AMMO is an amazing game and it has lots to offer with its solid gameplay, minimalistic controls, and good graphics.

Mod Includes:

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  • Unlimited Ammo

Game Version: 1.2.7

PlayStore LinkSpace Marshals APK

Credits: NA

Installs: 50,000+

How To Install: Download the apk from link below from link below, install it and play

Download Space Marshals MOD APK

Download Space Marshals MOD OBB


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