Download Rogue Hearts MOD APK 1.4.6

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Download Rogue Hearts MOD APK 1.4.6

What Is The Game About?

Rogue Hearts MOD APK is a role-playing game developed & published by Ninetail Games. The game is all about crawling dungeons and exploring them. In the game, you have tons of quests and each quest with its own challenges and bosses.

You also have a treasure hunt where you look for secret code to open chests where you can find items like weapons etc. Controls of the games are nicely done, Rogue Hearts have the swipe-based controls, controls are very intuitive and you can easily get used to them.

Besides the swipe controls, you have three buttons: stunning option, spinning attack and push the enemy button. Each button has the cooldown time so you will need to use them wisely.

Bosses are smart and tough and you will have to use the powerful weapons to kill them. During the quests, you will be collecting raw material and refined materials to develop the weapons or you can simply open chests to find the weapons.

On top of that, you also have the legendary chests which can be open by using the gems.

Gems are incredibly rare in the game so if you find a legendary chest then there are chances you will have to spend real money to buy the gems to open legendary chests.

Overall, Rogue hearts offer the complete gaming experience to its users and after the initial learning curve, you start enjoying the game. If you are looking for casual time killing game, then Rogue hearts MOD APK is a good option.

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Download APK


Game Version


Mod Apk Includes

  • Replenishment of health for murder
  • Your life a couple of millions
  • The fast rise of the level (the experience for the murder made 6000)
  • Cri Rate many millions
  • Cri Damage Rate many millions
  • Skill without recharge
  • Craft Price Zero Gold





PlayStore Downloads



Installation Process

1) Download the Apk from the link below

2) Install it and play

If the game has an Obb file then you have to place the Obb folder inside Android/Obb folder. If you don’t understand this then please comment below, some games will also have data files which you will need to place under Android/data folder


Download Rogue Hearts From Google Play

how to download from upload4earn??

Download Rogue Hearts MOD APK

Download Rogue Hearts MOD OBB


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