Download Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom MOD APK 1.5.8

Download Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom MOD APK 1.5.8

Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom MOD APK is a fantastic Android role-playing game developed and published by B.V. In Hustle Castle APK MOD you will build the castle of your dreams, the game is similar to fallout shelter if you have played it.

You will play as the king in Hustle Castle MOD APK and take care of your citizens from the evil the reside outside your castle. Build new rooms and other important things as you build your fortress. You can slowly expand it and the conquer the whole world at some point.

There are hundreds of missions in the game to complete, each of them will have its own challenges, fight giants, orcs and other mythical creatures to protect your castle.

You can even play online in the multiplayer mode and raid other players castles, the online mode is really fun and addicting.

You can train new soldiers and teach them new skills, and wear any kind of equipment. They can help you in the battle then. If you are fond of playing such games then do give it a try, you will love it.

The graphics of the game are really good and lit, the gameplay is also very smooth. You will need Android version 4.1 or higher to run the game. You will have 10 times more damage and you will never die in this MOD version of Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom MOD APK.

If you were looking for the latest version Hustle Castle MOD then you can download the APK file from our site and play it for free.


DMG X 10

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Game Version

Version 1.5.8


Installation Process

1) Download the mod apk from the link below, install it and enjoy

2) Install it and enjoy


Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom MOD APK


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