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Celebrate Pokémon GO’s second anniversary with Pikachu

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The time’s went crazy fast but Pokémon GO is celebrating its second anniversary. That’s right, it’s been two years since you started staring at your phone everywhere you walk!

To celebrate, Niantic is releasing a special version of Pikachu into the wilds. He’s wearing some pretty slick aviator shades and a trendy straw hat, so you’ll know when you’ve caught one.

Grab a Pikachu in straw hat and shades for a limited time to celebrate Pokémon GO’s second anniversary

Not only that, but Pikachu and Pichu will have a higher chance to spawn until the event ends. That’s on July 31st by the way, so you have the whole month to get involved.

If you’re a huge fan of Pikachu, you can even grab a bunch of avatar items to show off how much you love the little guy. These are only available to true fans though – those with gold Pikachu medals.

So you know what you should do know? Get back into Pokémon GO, of course! Go and grab it from Google Play and catch yourself a cool Pikachu right now.

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