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Pokémon GO meets Clash Royale in Apocalypse Hunters

Apocalypse Hunters Android

Apocalypse Hunters is an upcoming card battler that blends the best of Pokémon GO with Clash Royale.

You’ll wander around the real world gathering beasts that take the form of cards. There’s a whole lot of these to discover, with a variety of different abilities.

Apocalypse Hunters will launch on July 12th

As you unlock new beasts, you’ll form your own deck that you can take into battle with you. You’ll battle against other players to prove who’s got the best deck.

Not only that, but you’ll build your own base on the real world map. This is where you get valuable resources from that you can spend on upgrading your cards.

If Apocalypse Hunters sounds fun to you, you can pre-register on the official site right now. You’ll earn an exclusive weapon for doing so, and might be able to play early. Still, it officially launches on July 12th so not long to go.

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